Are your meetings getting the results you want?

Office lifeHow often have you walked out of a meeting thinking to yourself, “What a waste of time”?  Have you ever felt like the people in this picture?  Well, you’re not alone.  Most people feel this way at least once a day.

Knowing that we spend 75% of our working day in meetings, doesn’t it make sense not to waste people’s time and to make those meetings meaningful?  The obvious answer is “yes”, but how do you do so?  It’s easy.  Open and close all of your meetings with an action.  Tell people why they are there and what you need them to do with the information you are sharing.  It doesn’t matter how obvious it is, you need to verbalize it.  Also, whenever possible, if you can add what’s in it for them, if they do what you’re asking them to do, even better, now you have them motivated!

Don’t waste people’s time in meetings giving them information without instruction on what to do with that information.  If you can’t think of an action, then send the information in an email and save everyone some time!

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