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“Almost a decade ago I had the opportunity to attend an executive leadership training course at GE’s Crotonville. where I met an executive coach who put me in check and helped me to grow so much. Her name is Joanne Ferrante Miller. She is nothing short of amazing. Seriously. I brought her on as a consultant in subsequent CISO roles and she has helped to grow my leadership teams in ways they never thought possible. Her attitude is infectious. She challenges people to push themselves and her level of empathy is off the charts. I know she is leading her own practice of coaching executives; but if you want to see amazing growth in your org…and you can get on her calendar, do it. She’s amazing.”

– Anthony Johnson, Managing Partner & CISO at Delve Risk

“Joanne’s coaching has been a great help in my career. I want to thank her for that.”

– Dominique Malenfant, Executive Vice President & Chief Information & Technology Officer at CN

“The work we did with Joanne provided me with insights into what makes my peers tick, how we collectively click, and how small changes in communication enhance audience comprehension & buy-in success.”

– Karen Breen, VP of Marketing Strategy at Comcast

“Joanne is a skilled facilitator and coach, and an incredibly upbeat person!  I found her tips on communicating, orally and via PowerPoint, to be really helpful and unlike any other training I’ve had in the past.”

– Lisa Clark, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Northeast Division at Comcast

“It is critically important for Tampa Police commanders to connect with the citizens we serve in order to establish public trust and build strong working relationships. Joanne Miller took my team of leaders to the next level. Her course immediately improved their public speaking skills, which in turn is strengthening our community outreach. She has an uncanny ability to quickly identify and hone each person’s unique strength. In addition, she has the ability to put everyone at ease and instantly gain their confidence – not an easy task with a group of police executives. I give Joanne my highest vote of confidence!”

– Jane Castor, Chief of Police at City of Tampa

Joanne offers highly successful strategies to improve leadership effectiveness. She approaches her work with great passion and caring. She offers simple and targeted solutions based on her deep experience and detailed knowledge of the art of leadership.

– Suzan Persutti, Comcast, VP Employee Relations, HR Ops & EHS

“As an executive coach, Joanne has the rare gift of being able to quickly find a couple of very actionable and impactful changes, tailored to your leadership style, that you can start working on immediately to both grow as a leader and communicate better with your teams.”   

– David Hale,  CEO – GE Healthcare IT US & Canada

“Joanne has tremendous insight and skill in coaching executives and employees all throughout the organization in honing their skills in inspiring others, telling their stories powerfully and building teams. She brings great energy and passion into every situation and has tremendous executive presence. Her passion and ability to help others is a magical combination.”

– Robin Kirby, GE North America Learning Leader

“I was fortunate enough to attend one of Joanne’s leadership courses. While many aspects of the class were of value, the learnings around messaging and communication were the most valuable. Joanne has no doubt played a role in shaping many leaders at GE, including myself.”

– Jeff Bogumil, Sales Leader, GE Healthcare

“Joanne has been an amazing partner and a key change agent in our leadership programs.”

–  John Waddell, VP, Leadership Development, Zimmer

“Joanne does an amazing job of connecting with and inspiring her audiences. She gets individuals engaged with directed personal connections and can get a whole room buzzing with activity. Her deep background in leadership skills is evident asshe practices what she teaches!”

– Patricia Clason, Director, Center for Creative Learning

“Joanne is an excellent trainer and facilitator, able to address and command a whole room of trainees whilst connecting with each one on a personal level. Joanne is enthusiastic, engaging and has a real passion for her role, bringing out the best in all participants. I got a huge amount of value from her insight and expertise, and your current and future leaders will too.”

– Scott Denyer, Global EHS Manager, GE Healthcare

“Joanne’s ability to help individuals & teams move from complexity to simplicity, from informational to inspirational, is a competitive advantage for her and everyone she works with!”

– MaryEllen Rogahn, Executive Director, Physicians Leadership Institute

“Joanne is an effective and passionate solutions provider for executive development. Her coaching and training is innovative and fun, creating an atmosphere that ensures executives learn and practice new skills that are easily translated to the workplace once training is complete. Her presentation methods are easy to adapt and implement and provide an executive an opportunity to persuade and influence an audience that results in wins. I highly recommend her services for any level of executive(s) to improve their presence, confidence and ability to drive and sustain change.”

– Terri Candelaria, Sr. Facilities Manager, GE Healthcare

“Joanne was the program leader, developing the structure, content and overall delivery, of a 5-week leadership training.  The program included report outs to Senior Leadership on major healthcare trends and strategic business opportunities.  She was a great coach with impactful feedback, when it came to developing and delivering such communications”

– Francois-Xavier Coffinieres, Integration Leader, Caradigm

“Joanne brings collaborative, high EQ, and accountability to her team building sessions. Our team members have become more effective in how to communicate and influence their peers, and how to coach and manage their people. It’s allowed us to build stronger leaders across our organization.”

– Christopher Porter, Chief Information Security Officer, Fannie Mae

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