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Passion is a catalyst for inspiration; do you have what it takes?

It’s exciting and scary starting your own business after 20+ years of being a corporate employee. It’s exciting, because now I can focus all my time on doing what I really love to do – championing others to be truly inspirational leaders who communicate clearly, concisely and passionately. I have been doing this work for years and get so much gratification from seeing a change in others. Not only has it been personally fulfilling to me, but I know I’ve made a real difference to the thousands of individuals that I’ve worked with over the years. Believing in what you do and feeling passionate about it, is what’s getting me through the scary part. I challenge all of you. Do you love what you do? Is your passion contagious – inspiring those around you? It’s a new year, a time for new beginnings. If you love what you do, the inspiration part is much easier! Happy New Year!

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